Bellingham Bakery

About Us

Gale has always loved to bake. She is well known in the community for her delicious pies, cakes, irresistible cookies, and tasty treats. Whenever there is a celebration, Gale's baked goods were always an anticipated treat.

In 1973, Gale's family convinced her to share her magical baking talent with the community-at-large. Gale never thought about opening a business; she just loved to bake. But, in the summer of 1973, Gale's son and daughter, James and Deborah helped her open the doors of Bellingham  Bakery. Ever since, Bellingham Bakery  has been a much treasured fixture in Whatcom County, WA. Consistent quality, a warm atmosphere,  Bellingham Bakery the favorite place for tasty treats . In fact, many of Gale's frequent visitors have been enjoying her baked goods since childhood. Now, along with their own children, the tradition continues.

Gale is not only famous for her delicious cakes, pies, and cookies and chocolate fudge of all kinds, but her main dishes as well.  Ask Gale
for a price for a main dish you need for a special occasion. Such as
Lasagna. Either normal or Gluten Free.

We deliver to Western Washington College Students. Easy for Moms
and Dads to call in their order for their student's birthday or special
occasion. Normal baked  goods or special baking.

Bellingham Bakery..celebrating over 35 years of baked goodness.

8 years ago, Gale's two Grandchildren were diagnosed with food allergies. She has developed many recipes that the children can eat.  And her
goods are amazingly delicious, one can't tell a vegan, gluten-free
or what allergy free baking from the normal baking. 


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